Download AppLock v3.0.70

AppLockAre you not a public person? You want privacy? Do not want anyone to look at you picture album or any document? Then do not delay to look forward to Applock. Applock is a lightweight android app which will enable the users to apply lock on almost any type of file or an app in their device, which prevents access to your locked apps and private data, you will need a password for accessing any file which is secured with this app. Applock is the best alternative to secure your important files and it works straightforwardly.

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Download AppLock v3.0.69

AppLockToday, the privacy of information on the phone has become one of the major issues in the technical world. AppLock is one such development in the field of app security that allows users to safely use their applications without the fear of any unauthorized access. The service enables users to lock the applications on their phone. Basically, app lock is a lightweight app that lets users lock almost any type of file on your Android device.

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Download AppLock v3.0.68

AppLockLooking to secure your phone with an amazing app AppLock? If yes, then you have landed on the right place because here we are talking about the app called AppLock which helps in securing your phone and locking it so that nobody can see what is in your phone without your permission. It is indeed a best app for keeping your phone secure as here you don’t need to pay for the app or have any issues. This app is simply different from others yet useful. You just have to lock the phone through the app and then use it and keep using your phone like you were. There will be no more changes in the app.  Continue reading “Download AppLock v3.0.68”

Download App Lock v3.0.61

App LockDo you like keeping a smartphone safe and personal because you do not like people using your phone and see what are the stuff you are keeping in it? We all like using smartphones but we do not prefer people seeing our phone.  Smartphones generally come with a lock but is that really enough for us? Do we need nothing else to keep the phone safe? No, we need more things. So today, let us learn about an app which can make your phone safe and lock properly. How? By using the app App Lock. It is an app where you can lock all your apps and gallery without paying for it. It is free and easy too. In fact, you can also lock your whole gallery through the app and whenever you download the app, you can easily get an option where you will be asked if you wish to lock the phone or not. All over, it is a good app for keeping your phone safe. Now let us read how to download the app here-  Continue reading “Download App Lock v3.0.61”

Download App Lock v3.0.58

App LockDo you like using your phone and keeps all your secret locked in it? All our cell phones are very personal and we keep all the personal things in it and we do not prefer sharing it too. Isn’t it? And to keep it even safer, you can lock it. but locking it through an app will be the safer option for sure. Yes, you can use the app called App Lock for locking all your apps you use and keep it safe. It is free of cost app and you can us it anytime in your android device. For iOS users, this app is not a good choice because the app does not let you use it in the iOS device at all. However, you can use it in other android devices for sure. Now let us read the features of the app. Continue reading “Download App Lock v3.0.58”

Download App Lock v3.0.54

App LockApplock is a lightweight app that lets you lock almost any type of file on your android device. The most basic feature locks all your applications so that no other person has any access or uninstall the app. In fact its really dependent on you whether you need an Applock or not. It is a security feature that sits above your other apps. It allows the administrator to control which application should be locked and which should not.

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Download App Lock v3.0.53

App LockDue to the rising concerns of privacy in the society, there has been a demand for a software that can increase the security in a user’s device. Released and
developed recently by Microsoft, AppLock is one such software. It is a third-party application, that is supported by all android devices. The basis of this application is the whitelisting software. It identifies
programs that have been granted access by the user and does not permit any other application to function. Further, it protects the device from malware and
viruses. The application can be used for purposes and on platforms other than the ones for original use.

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Download App Lock v3.0.51

App LockAppLock is a utility app. It was developed by DoMobile, a mobile internet company formed on July 2011. It can lock Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls and any other apps that the users choose. It was launched in 2012. It is one of the top apps in more than 100 countries and has reached over 400 million users worldwide since its release. It is available in 45 languages. It prevents unauthorized access and guards the users’ privacy.

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Download App Lock v3.0.50

App LockAre you looking for an app which can protect your phone in your absence? Well, we all agree to the fact that our phone is indeed the most personal thing ever we have. We keep out chats, pictures, and even the banking in it which should be between you only. Well, you can simply lock it by using an app.  But since there are so many apps available, it will be confusing to decide which app to download and which not. But here, we have got you an app called App Lock which will surely lock your device without taking a charge from you. It is the most suitable app for android users. Looking forward? Want to download the app? If yes, click here and download the app now. Continue reading “Download App Lock v3.0.50”