Download App Lock v3.0.10

App LockWhen it comes to privacy there is nothing that we should compromise. With the advent of newer technology, the personal space that we deserve seems to be encroached by people that we do not which to share things too. App Lock understands this need of personal space and hence believes in keeping something that is private. With its undying features and benefits, app lock aims at creating a barrier on the applications downloaded by us and has safety and security regulations that are carried out before the application can be accessed again . this application understands the diversity of its users and is available in over 35 languages. The application is used and loved by many people, hence having 350 million downloads, proving is the utility. Continue reading “Download App Lock v3.0.10”

Download App Lock v2.9.9

App LockPeople keep everything on their phones nowadays. Be it their personal life, pictures or banking, they use their phone for keeping everything online. So today we are talking about an app which will protect the phone’s data. We are talking about App Lock which is one of the best app locks for locking your phone. You just need to download this app and use the phone easily. Let us read more and click on continue reading. Continue reading “Download App Lock v2.9.9”

Download App Lock v2.9.7

App LockAre you looking to lock your phone so that no one apart from you can see what is into your phone? If you want this to come true, then you need to do something for it. No, the home screen lock is not enough for it. You need to do something else too. But what else can be done is what we are going to talk about, so don’t stress. Instead, keep on reading this post and know what is the app which can save you from leaking data. So yes, we are talking about App Lock, which is a lock for locking your phone. You can lock your phone through the app and each and every app without any issue. You don’t need to pay for it as well. Just downloading the app is enough for using it. You can also make your gallery folder invisible through this app. For this, you need to make a folder where you can keep those videos and photos which you don’t want to share with anyone else. You can then make it go invisible so that nobody can know about the video and photos without you. Now let us see the features of the app. Let’s have a look here. Continue reading “Download App Lock v2.9.7”

Download App Lock v2.9.5

App LockDo you want to protect your phone and don’t want anyone else to look into your phone because you want to keep it till you and you have got some information in the phone which should not be leaked to someone else? If your answer is yes, then you need to simply download the app called App Lock which we are providing here. Yes, the app is really simple and you can just download the app and lock all your apps and data with a simple process. To do that, you need to first download the app which we are going to tell you here. Once you do that, you need to open the app and simply start using the app. If you start using it and lock one app too, you will be receiving an option to lock the app whenever you download something new. It is free and safe. So today, let’s discuss the app and the features of the same. Continue reading “Download App Lock v2.9.5”

Download App Lock v2.9.4

App LockLooking for an app which can lock the apps you use to protect your phone? If yes, then you have landed correctly because we are talking about one such app in brief. Today, we are talking about the app called App Lock which is one of the most trustworthy app for locking your other apps you use daily. Through this app, you can download your daily apps, your gallery and even the incoming calls too. It is one of the best app indeed. You can apply the lock with a code, digit, name or any pattern and every app will have its own lock. Downloading of the app is free of cost and it is the reliable one as well. If you want, you can just simply make your gallery go invisible so that no one apart from you can see the app even if they are checking your phone. Now let us read the features of the app. Continue reading “Download App Lock v2.9.4”

Download App Lock v2.9.1

App LockAre you looking for an app which can lock your phone and secure it with other people including your family? If yes, your home screen lock is not enough at all. You need a better lock and for that, you need to download App Lock which is an app for locking the apps you use in your Android phone. You just have to download the app first and install it into your device so that you can use the lock. You can lock each and every app you use or lock some apps only and this is only dependent on you. Be it locking your phone totally or locking some apps, you can do anything. You can apply the code in form of anything you want and lock the phone. Once you lock your phone, you can safely give it to anyone you want without telling the password of course. The person will not be able to check the phone at any cost. Also, if you have some private pictures in your gallery, you can make it invisible by creating a folder where everything can be saved and nobody except you will know about the folder. It is indeed an easy way to use the app and lock your phone. Now let us see the features of the app. Continue reading “Download App Lock v2.9.1”

Download App Lock v2.9.0

App LockDo you like using smartphones? Well, all of us use smartphones nowadays and through that, one can understand about the personal life of one person. We keep everything on our phone and it is mandatory to keep it safe from other people and for that, you can download an app called App Lock through which you can lock your phone and nobody will ever can touch your phone without your permission. You can lock each and every app of your smartphone with the help of this app. Be it the Whatsapp, Facebook, banking app or even your gallery, you can keep everything safe. But for this, you have to first download this app and you can lock the apps by using the code, a pattern or a name of your choice. But make sure you don’t share it to anyone else otherwise people will get to know about it. You have to hide it and then your phone will be safe. Your gallery also will be safe from other people and if you want, you can keep your some personal photos and videos invisible so that even if a person sees your gallery, the pictures will be safe and it will not be seen to anyone else apart from you. Continue reading “Download App Lock v2.9.0”

Download App Lock v2.8.9

App LockDo you like using apps? If yes, what sorts of apps do you use? Well, an average person uses more than 20 apps for sure and all of them are different. And all these apps can tell a lot of things about you. If someone sees your phone, they will know everything about you including your personal life. So if you want to hide it, you can use the app called App Lock and with the help of this app, you can hide your phone. You can lock it and it will be safe and nobody except you can unlock it. But make sure you do not share the code with anyone. The app will be for free of cost and it will secure all your data. You just have to download the app and get the work started. In order to download, we need to see the download guide first. Let us see below. Continue reading “Download App Lock v2.8.9”

Download App Lock v2.8.7

App LockDo you want to hide the apps from your friends and family because it has something which you think you should not show to them or your phone is a personal thing and hence you really don’t like showing it to others? Well, that’s even a basic manner to not to touch anyone’s phone. However, some of the people are helpless and they will do it again and again. And especially for those people, there is an app called App Lock which can lock your phone and nobody except you will get the password of the app. However, not sharing the password is what you are expected to do. But the rest of the work of not sharing your app with others is the app’s work and it will do it without any issue. You just have to download this app once and lock all the apps you use or the apps you think you should lock. Once you download this app, you will be asked often if you want to lock the app or not. You can use the pattern password or code or name password. Anything can be used here and is all dependent on you. Let us know more about it. Continue reading “Download App Lock v2.8.7”