Download App Lock v2.8.2

App LockDo you like using a smartphone? Most of the people use smartphones nowadays in order to use different apps and do their work online. But keeping your device safe from others is a big issue. If anyone gets to know your home screen lock, they can get into your device and know all the secrets you have hidden in your device. But can’t we save it from such things? Well, we can. But for that, you need to download the app called App Lock. The app is about locking the apps you use in your phone. You just have to download the app and you can lock all your apps easily. Each and every app can be locked through this app. There are many types of locks available in the app. You can either use the pattern, code or digit lock. For confusing the people, you can use the fingerprint lock too but remember it is just to confuse the people. In real, you can choose the type of codes mentioned above. All your apps will be saved through this and if you can also hide your gallery and keep your personal pictures in one invisible folder too. Let us read more about it. Continue reading “Download App Lock v2.8.2”

Download App Lock 1.80

App LockDo you like keeping your phone’s content personal like me? And even if you give someone your cell, you really don’t want them to check your personal pictures/videos/messages and apps? If yes, you must try AppLock. Let me give you a quick intro of the app. Basically, AppLock is an app which helps you to keep your phone’s stuff secure. In other words, it protects your gallery, whatsapp, personal messages with a password protection which can be only unlocked by you. Also, if you want some of your private picture not to be located at gallery, it can be possible as well without losing the data. Apart from these things, it can also hide any contact number. Sounds good? Well, trust me, this app is a must one for you if you want to protect your smartphone’s content.

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Download App Lock 1.61

App LockDo you like keeping your life personal? If yes, it is very important to keep your phone secured with lock. And today, we are going to talk about AppLock.

AppLock can lock all your apps and stuffs to keep them personal. Be it whatsapp, messenger, your gallery, gmail or even gallery, it will be all safe with AppLock. Nobody will be able to open without the pattern or code you will add. Apart from this, if there is some very personal picture or video of yours, you can hide it and it will even won’t show on gallery.

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