Download AppLock v4.3.7

AppLockThinking how to keep the phone safe because you don’t want to share the stuff you keep in your phone with your friends and especially family but you also don’t want to sound rude to them by snatching the phone? Well, this is the issue with all of us. But now we have to do something in order to protect the phone and to do this, the only easy option is to download the app called App Lock. Yes, the app is one of the best app for keeping the stuff safe and not just the gallery but you can also keep the phone and all the apps locked with the app. You can also keep all the app lock or else just selected ones. If you have the important personal calls too, you can keep the call logs lock as well. The app is one of the best app as it keeps your phone secured. Now there are many features of the app so before we head to download the app, let us read the features of the app-

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Download AppLock v4.3.3

AppLockThere are so many apps available in your phone to entertain yourself and a phone is to be kept with you as it will tell about you. You can simply use the phone and easily keep all your pictures and stuffs in it. But is there any app which can keep your phone safe? Here is one app which will keep your phone safe. The app we are talking about is called AppLock which can keep your phone lock so that you can easily keep the phone easily safe with you. Now let us see how to download the app and what are the features of the app. But before this, let us read more about the app so that one can understand how does the app work. It is an app which locks your phone so that nobody else can touch your phone without your permission. You can download any app and lock it with applock.

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Download AppLock v4.2.8

AppLockPrivacy is the most important thing in today’s internet-obsessed world and even the latest smart-devices don’t provide enough security to our data. AppLock provides an extra layer of security and allows people to gain access to your phone without letting them into areas that you don’t want them to see. AppLock lets the user lock apps, store pictures, documents, videos, and even personal messages. Since its initial release in 2011, AppLock has over 300 Million users. There are many application locks in the market, but AppLock has a couple of features that set it apart from other similar applications.

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Download AppLock v4.2.6

AppLockPrivacy protection has always been our concern and when it comes to anything that is related to us, we want to be extra cautious about everything. With having something like this in mind, AppLock is the most relevant app out there. Being a security feature, it is placed above all the running applications on your phone and prevents access to your hidden content without the correct password. It can also be used to prevent access to some of your hidden applications. It appears like a lock screen. It is indeed really helpful in keeping snoppy eyes out of your business. AppLock is a safe and simple app. The usage of AppLock has been broken to simplicity notch by notch. It is very straightforward in use and easily available at Play Store.

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Download AppLock v4.2.3

AppLockApp lock provides absolute privacy on your Android by locking your apps, videos, pictures, notes, files, contacts and other personal data with a password lock or patter lock. It keeps intruders and unwanted people away from your private information and from altering your settings or adding their own changes to your mobile device. Most people have files or folders in their phone that they would like to be away from other people; hence this app is considered the best in over 30 countries and has millions of users worldwide. It is a very lightweight app with basic features and requires simple navigation. Continue reading “Download AppLock v4.2.3”

Download AppLock v4.1.0

AppLockDo you want to keep your phone safe from your friends and parents? Because you have kept a lot of personal stuff in it and you do not want to share it with your friends? Of course, it is common and very natural to do so. But to keep it safe, a single home screen lock is not enough. So what you can do is to download the app called AppLock and keep your phone safe from others. Yes, the lock is really easy and free of cost app to download. You just need to download the app and once you download it, you can lock all your phone without any issue. It can be done easily. You can also lock each and every app of yours separately and hence you will not get difficulty. It is an easy app which you all can use for free of cost as it will secure your phone and everything you keep in your phone will be private. Indeed, it is an easy way to do things because safety is always better than anything. So keep your phone safe with this app. Let us now read more about it-

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Download AppLock v3.1.6

AppLockAre you looking for a lock for your device to lock your phone and give it better security? If yes, then you have landed on the right place because here we are sharing the app which will let you lock the apps on your device for free of cost. Yes, we are talking about the famous app which is used for locking your phone called AppLock. It is one of the famous and mostly used app all over in the world for android devices. You can also use the app for free of cost but for that, you need to first of all download this app and use it in your device. The app can lock all your apps, your phone book, your gallery and everything else. It is easy and can be used in any device if it is android. So now, let us read the features of the app and see how can we download this app.

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Download AppLock v3.1.1

AppLockAre you the person who likes keeping secrets and does not let others know what you are thinking? If yes, then here is the app you need to use. You can download the app called AppLock through which you can lock your phone and make sure to secure your device so that nobody else apart from you can check out your phone without you. You will be locking every app so that it will be very secure for you for sure. Now in order to use the app, you need to first download it and once you download the app, you can then easily lock all the apps you want to lock or you have in your phone along with the gallery too where you can make your pictures and videos go untouchable. You can do it through a click when you download the app. Now let us know more and read about the app- Continue reading “Download AppLock v3.1.1”

Download AppLock v3.0.99

AppLockAre you looking for an app which can protect your phone from other people? If you are looking, then we have got an app for you which can make your phone feel secure and you don’t have to then worry about the privacy of your phone anymore. How? By just downloading the app called AppLock. The app we are talking here is the app which can protect your phone by adding a lock to it which not only secure the home screen or one app but every app and even your gallery as well. It can be locked easily and you will be secured for sure. Now talking about how to use it, you don’t need to do a lot to use the app. Just download the app and lock all your apps and set a password. Once you set the password, you will be free from the tension of getting your data leaked. You can set the password in any form and protect your data. If you are worried about your gallery and personal pictures, then you can also make an invisible folder and lock it. Indeed, it is a great app. Now let us read the features of the app. Continue reading “Download AppLock v3.0.99”