Download App Lock v2.7.5

Looking for an app to lock all your secret applications and maintain privacy? AppLock is the right app for you. The app allows the users to hide their personal applications and photos from public viewing. Users can set a personal lock for these hidden files. AppLock is one of the best Android app for users who like to keep their files private. The app is highly customisable which helps the users to customize the app according to their will. The app is very secure and no intruder can access your personal files without knowing the password. AppLock is free of cost and the users can also hide their private videos without having to pay for it.

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Download App Lock v2.7.4

App LockApp Lock is a low data requiring app, that with its most basic and common features allows a user to lock their apps and restrict access to select particular apps. It works in a different manner from the phone, lock as the phone lock protects the entire phone, whereas app lock specifically locks down selected apps so that a user can make certain apps available for use. This not only allows modularity, for the device locking system but also another layer of security for users who wish to protect confidential information from being taken from their devices.

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Download App Lock v2.7.2

App LockApp lock is an Android application that allows users to apply a password protection to the application in their mobile phone devices. The application effectively can be configured in a minute and then protects the users applications from being used by unauthorized persons. The application allows a user to set a password for set applications, that are then protected with the
application. The application is versatile and can even operate in a covert manner, allowing a trespasser to not even figure out that there are locked applications, in the said device. The following are some of the features of the application: Continue reading “Download App Lock v2.7.2”

Download App Lock v2.6.8

App LockIt is a great application that lets you lock any application you want. This is a reliable application that can lock any if your files, images, videos, documents and any other or thing you want to lock. It is a very simple application to use and is free of cost. This application allows you to keep your things private and away from people’s reach. It is very easy to use this application you just
need to put a password or pin on the app you want to lock, and whenever you want to open the app you need to put the correct pin or password. If anyone put the wrong password, the lock will not open. And one of the good things is that it doesn’t allow anyone to uninstall any locked application without your
permission. This application also gives you customization features. You can customize the lock screen of the application. This application keeps your
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Download App Lock v2.6.7

App LockDo you like keeping a smartphone personal? Of course, we all would like keeping it personal. But what if someone sees our phone? how can we protect our phone from the people around us? That’s a serious problem and you can get rid off from this issue by just downloading the app App Lock. It is an app which would allow you to keep your things personal. How? You just need to download the app and protect your applications from people. The app will keep a lock on each and every app you use and hence your data would be protected.  Apart from the home screen lock, you would be able to lock other apps too. In fact, you can lock each and every app by your own so that every app can have a personal lock and nobody apart from you can open it without your permission. You can also make your gallery locked with this app. Also if you have some pictures which you do not want to show to others, you can make a folder and make it invisible too. The app is the best app for locking your phone and the app is totally free of cost. Continue reading “Download App Lock v2.6.7”

Download App Lock v2.32.7

App LockApp Lock is the application which allows to lock your apps, protects privacy and provides secure access to any app. This was termed as the best app lock of 2018. All the types of files and apps can be accessed by this app which has less background data. The operation of this app is just creating a numeric password to unlock the app that was protected. This app provides no back doors to anyone to access your device. Almost all the messages, calls, photos, videos can be protected by this app. App lock was used by 350 million users across 50 countries.

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Download App Lock v2.32.1

App LockDo you like to keep your stuff personal? And we all know that nothing is more personal nowadays than our smartphones. It is the most personal thing which can really let someone know a lot about you. Your friends, your friends, your social media, your love life, bank balance, family, extended family and everything else can be known from your phone easily. But how to stop people from touching our phone? Well, we must admit that there are some people who are irritating and we can not say no to them on their face. However, we can always lock our phone for the better security. How? the normal screen lock is not enough for that. So here you can use the app App Lock which will help in locking all your apps and will keep your data safe and secure from others. There will be a specific lock for every app you use. It is free of cost and safe to use app.

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Download App Lock v2.32

App LockOne of the best security application developed for the Android devices, App lock has improved a lot with each update. It allows you to secure any kind of file available in your android device. You can even hide the application so that no one can actually know that there is a security application in your device. Apart from that, there are certain features which makes it easier for the user. Some of them are stated below.

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