Download App Lock v2.22.2

App LockWhen you’re working with your phone, you deal with lots of things which are really important. At this moment, people are focused towards the security of advanced mobile apps and other important  data like videos, photos and documents. It is compatible to all devices i.e., Android devices, tablets, iOS devices and Windows phones. It is easy to control security system through these devices. It is specifically designed to protect the apps and other data from outside access. It is easy-to-use and it has a very simple interface. It can be accessed through App Lock application. It can be stored easily as a device media and is of great use. You can also avoid unwanted uninstallation. Pin or pattern can be set as a password to keep the data secure. In case you forget your password, you can recover the password through e-mail verification.

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Download App Lock v2.22.1

App LockApp Lock is simply the most reliable app in terms of locking your apps. App lock is made to lock any app you want and without your permission no one can open it. App lock allows you to keep your things secure and away from the reach of people. App lock allows you to lock your gallery, contacts, messages, library and what not. It is a very simple yet safest app to use. In order to open the app, you need to enter the password or your fingerprint, only these two things will open the application and without these nobody can open the app. And also no one can uninstall or install any app on your phone without your permission now. And you can also hide this application so no one have any idea that you have this app on your device. It is the safest and best app for your privacy concerns only you can have access to the files you want. It also has random keyboard or invisible pattern lock, so there is no worry of people peeping into your phone. Its Safe! And it is not limited to these, here is a list of some more amazing features that you will love.

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Download App Lock v2.20.1

App LockAppLock is an app available on Play store that allows the users to password protect the apps on their phone. The app is essential in protecting your personal apps on your Android device. It can help restrict access to the apps by allowing the owner to ‘lock’ and ‘unlock’ apps. Once the app is “locked”, any
person who wants to gain access to the app needs to know the password or pattern to unlock the app. AppLock is 100% free and is one of the best apps to restrict unauthorized access to your phone and personal apps.

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Download App Lock v2.15.4

App LockApp Lock is an app one often use for securing his smartphone. It basically provides lock. Not the main lock but every lock for every app or feature you use in your device. You can add a lock to each and every app you use. Apart from that, you can lock your phone’s call history and messages and the gallery as well. If you have some image or video which can not be shared with anyone else, you can lock it there. If you want a better privacy, you can make a folder which will not be visible to anyone even if they see your phone totally. It can be opened by you only. It has an option of the invisible folder. Just use it and make it invisible. The pictures and video content will not be deleted from your device. It will be kept safe from others. There are many more features of this app which will make you download it. Let us read the other good features of the app.

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Download App Lock v2.15.3

App LockThere is a requirement to secure the apps in a personalized manner other than phone security system. This can be reached by applock mobile application. It is especially designed to lock the apps using pattern or pin. It is compatible to all smart devices which includes android smartphones ,tablets and IOS devices. It doesn’t take much of the space of the device and is safe and secure to use. It not only protect your apps individually but also keep it safe from unwanted installation or access by other people.

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Download App Lock v2.15.2

App LockApp Lock is an android app which is made to secure your phone’s data like apps, games, gallery, contacts and everything else. No body can use your phone without your permission. Even if they try so, they will not be able to open it as it will be locked by the App Lock app. There are three ways to lock your phone with a security code in this app. You can make a pattern, you can make a 4 digit code or else you can also choose an alphabetical name. Anything can be done for making the code. It is the easiest way to secure your phone. Also, since the app is free of cost, it will be more pleasant to have it for free. There are more features of this app. let’s take a look at them.

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Download App Lock v2.12

App LockApp Lock is an application to put lock on any part of your device! With this light weight app you can lock almost all types of files in your android. It is a license free application. This application in fact is a boon for many people in various ways and situation. This is a great app which adds additional safety to your device without needing you to worry about anything getting leaked. Privacy has become very important issue in the digitalized era as smartphones carry every single information.

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