Download App Lock v3.1.3

AppLockAppLock provides another patch of security to protect user’s privacy on their Android device additional to the system’s normal screen lock .With this app, you can lock App installed on the device, Contacts, incoming calls and even personalise settings. The lock also allows users to hide pictures and videos from their smartphone’s Gallery by moving them to a vault inside the app. No unauthorised persons is able to access anything that is locked by the AppLock without a password, pattern or fingerprint.

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Download AppLock v3.1.1

AppLockAre you the person who likes keeping secrets and does not let others know what you are thinking? If yes, then here is the app you need to use. You can download the app called AppLock through which you can lock your phone and make sure to secure your device so that nobody else apart from you can check out your phone without you. You will be locking every app so that it will be very secure for you for sure. Now in order to use the app, you need to first download it and once you download the app, you can then easily lock all the apps you want to lock or you have in your phone along with the gallery too where you can make your pictures and videos go untouchable. You can do it through a click when you download the app. Now let us know more and read about the app- Continue reading “Download AppLock v3.1.1”

Download AppLock v3.0.99

AppLockAre you looking for an app which can protect your phone from other people? If you are looking, then we have got an app for you which can make your phone feel secure and you don’t have to then worry about the privacy of your phone anymore. How? By just downloading the app called AppLock. The app we are talking here is the app which can protect your phone by adding a lock to it which not only secure the home screen or one app but every app and even your gallery as well. It can be locked easily and you will be secured for sure. Now talking about how to use it, you don’t need to do a lot to use the app. Just download the app and lock all your apps and set a password. Once you set the password, you will be free from the tension of getting your data leaked. You can set the password in any form and protect your data. If you are worried about your gallery and personal pictures, then you can also make an invisible folder and lock it. Indeed, it is a great app. Now let us read the features of the app. Continue reading “Download AppLock v3.0.99”

Download AppLock v3.0.88

AppLockAre you afraid to give your mobile to someone else? Or you do not want others to look at your gallery or any other app then you must download this app “Applock”. Applock is an Android app which provides the users to lock any files and apps in the device, which prevents others to open your files. It secure your apps and needs password to access to your files. So do not think twice before giving your cell to anyone, because they will not be able to open any of the file which is secured with this app. Continue reading “Download AppLock v3.0.88”

Download AppLock v3.0.84

AppLockThe AppLock is a privacy android app which was developed by the domobile. The app lock has the ability to lock the apps which can only be accessed by the mobile user and any other person can not open the app which is protected by the AppLock. The AppLock was launched in the year 2012 and is used by many people across the world. It has an approximate of 150 million users. The app supports over 32 languages. The app has got good reviews from the users and the review count is 4,500,000. The app is user friendly and can be easily understood. The app lock also has a vault which protects the images and videos of the user. It also has a private incognito browser and allows to use multiple social media accounts. The app lock was also the most recommended app in the google play store home.

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Download AppLock v3.0.83

AppLockApplock is an android app which enables the users to lock almost any type of file or an application located in their device. Which will help to prevent unauthorized people to go through your files. Moreover to unlock the app you will be needed password for accessing any file which is secured by app lock and it is the best alternative to secure your important files straightforwardly. So if you do not want others to look into your apps or files then you must go for this application which will keep safe all your apps. Continue reading “Download AppLock v3.0.83”