Download App Lock v2.15.3

App LockThere is a requirement to secure the apps in a personalized manner other than phone security system. This can be reached by applock mobile application. It is especially designed to lock the apps using pattern or pin. It is compatible to all smart devices which includes android smartphones ,tablets and IOS devices. It doesn’t take much of the space of the device and is safe and secure to use. It not only protect your apps individually but also keep it safe from unwanted installation or access by other people.

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Download App Lock v2.15.2

App LockApp Lock is an android app which is made to secure your phone’s data like apps, games, gallery, contacts and everything else. No body can use your phone without your permission. Even if they try so, they will not be able to open it as it will be locked by the App Lock app. There are three ways to lock your phone with a security code in this app. You can make a pattern, you can make a 4 digit code or else you can also choose an alphabetical name. Anything can be done for making the code. It is the easiest way to secure your phone. Also, since the app is free of cost, it will be more pleasant to have it for free. There are more features of this app. let’s take a look at them.

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Download App Lock v2.12

App LockApp Lock is an application to put lock on any part of your device! With this light weight app you can lock almost all types of files in your android. It is a license free application. This application in fact is a boon for many people in various ways and situation. This is a great app which adds additional safety to your device without needing you to worry about anything getting leaked. Privacy has become very important issue in the digitalized era as smartphones carry every single information.

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Download App Lock v1.99.2

App LockApp Lock is an application that allows you to lock any file you want on your smartphone. Without your knowledge, nobody can open your locked apps and uninstall it. With the help this application you can lock your images, videos, songs, documents and many more things. It is very simple application in which you have to create a password and whenever you want to see the file you can put the password anytime and open the file you want. Now you can uninstall or open app any app you want after unlocking the Apk with your password. And if you want to change the password you can simply go the App lock  settings and change it anytime you want. And one of the best feature of this application is that you can even hide the icon so that nobody knows that you have installed this application on your phone. It is a very safe application that allows you to keep your files safe and secure and nobody can see what files you have without your knowledge. So if you are in search for a lock that keeps your secure just go with this application.

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Download App Lock v1.98.6

App LockApp lock is an app through which you can make your phone safe and secured from others. All of you must have added a screen lock on your smartphone. Didn’t you? Some of you like pin code, some patterns whereas some like to lock it from fingerprints. But does it secure your whole phone? Suppose if someone has asked your phone to make a call and you will obviously give them by unlocking it. right? But what if they check your WhatsApp, Facebook and gallery? It might leak your privacy. But if you use App Lock, it will lock each and every app specifically. You can choose the code, pattern or any name according to your preference. It would make your phone safe. No body can use it without knowing the password. Also, if you want, you can even hide the call logs too or even the incoming calls, so no one will ever get to know who is calling you.

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Download App Lock 1.98.1

App LockDo you have that clingy friend who never leaves a chance to check your cellphone? Well, all of us does have at least on such kinda friend who doesn’t leave chance to keep an eye on us. Yes, that’s irritating but you can’t be rude every time right? So why not to lock your phone through this super good app AppLock? With the help of AppLock, you can not just lock your home screen but each and every single app you use including the gallery. Yes, it is a saviour. Be it your pictures, some personal videos, apps or even your phone logs, everything would be safe and secure through this app. Using the app is easy. You don’t need to very technical to use the app. All you need to do is to download the app and get started. Before you start searching for a reliable site to download, let me tell you that we are providing the download button along with the guide. But before moving on, let’s take a look at its features-

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