Download App Lock v3.0.23

App LockWe live in a world, where data corresponds to wealth. In such an insecure environment where your data is open and vulnerable, it is the need of the hour to protect and hence keep your personal and very private information in secure hands. The basic means of acquiring data is from your phone or tablets with thousands of pictures, sensitive documents and personal messages kept vulnerable. But with AppLock by DoMobile Labs, you can protect any app from the outside invaders.

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Download App Lock v3.0.18

App LockIt is important to maintain privacy even when it comes to mobile phones. Nowadays many people have a lot of data stored in the mobile phone, from personal photographs to videos, contacts or other business related information that can be stored within the device for use. It has become a requirement to have a lock for confidential information to maintain privacy. App Lock makes sure that all the information in a device is safe and secure and has no leakage of information through any fissures of the networking systems.

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Download App Lock v3.0.17

App LockPrivacy matters the most when it comes to making sure the private moments are kept safe and secure. With the advent of mobile phones, the storage system of all
the information is the mobile phone wherein the graphic, personal data, messages, photographs, videos and music are stored. To ensure double safety, we
provide you with the best application that maintains privacy and safely secures the application. This application the App Lock. the application is preferred by many as it is used over fifty countries and also has more than 350 million users who have been actively using this application, making it so popular, reliable and trustable.

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Download App Lock v3.0.16

App LockOwn a smartphone? You must be concerned about the safety of your personal data like chats, photos, videos, apps and so on. While Android does offer free default screen lock and application lock in a few versions, it is not very effective. People have continually found faults with it. Plus, users of older Android versions do need the advanced security features of protecting their apps. AppLock is made just for that. We shall look in detail about AppLock and its features in this article.

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Download App Lock v3.0.15

App LockAre you curious about your phone because it has all your information and you want to keep it safe from other people? If you are, then you need to download the app called App Lock through which you can lock all your apps that you use without thinking anything. It is easy and safe. Just downloading the app can make you keep your data safe and who does not want it? Apart from this, even if someone still manages to open your phone, you can keep your pictures in an invisible folder which can not be seen without using App Lock and only you will be able to see it. However, you can make it visible anytime you want to. You don’t need to wait. It is free of cost app and only downloading of the app is enough. You can lock all the apps and make your data secure. Now let us see the features of the app here.  Continue reading “Download App Lock v3.0.15”

Download App Lock v3.0.13

App LockDo you want to lock your phone and keep the data safe with you? If yes, then you need to download this app called App Lock. Once you download the app, you need to lock the apps you are looking to lock. You can set the lock according to you and after that, whenever you want to use an app, you need to open the lock every time and use the app. It is also free of cost. You just have to download this app once and lock the apps you don’t want to show to someone else.  Continue reading “Download App Lock v3.0.13”

Download App Lock v3.0.10

App LockWhen it comes to privacy there is nothing that we should compromise. With the advent of newer technology, the personal space that we deserve seems to be encroached by people that we do not which to share things too. App Lock understands this need of personal space and hence believes in keeping something that is private. With its undying features and benefits, app lock aims at creating a barrier on the applications downloaded by us and has safety and security regulations that are carried out before the application can be accessed again . this application understands the diversity of its users and is available in over 35 languages. The application is used and loved by many people, hence having 350 million downloads, proving is the utility. Continue reading “Download App Lock v3.0.10”

Download App Lock v2.9.9

App LockPeople keep everything on their phones nowadays. Be it their personal life, pictures or banking, they use their phone for keeping everything online. So today we are talking about an app which will protect the phone’s data. We are talking about App Lock which is one of the best app locks for locking your phone. You just need to download this app and use the phone easily. Let us read more and click on continue reading. Continue reading “Download App Lock v2.9.9”

Download App Lock v2.9.7

App LockAre you looking to lock your phone so that no one apart from you can see what is into your phone? If you want this to come true, then you need to do something for it. No, the home screen lock is not enough for it. You need to do something else too. But what else can be done is what we are going to talk about, so don’t stress. Instead, keep on reading this post and know what is the app which can save you from leaking data. So yes, we are talking about App Lock, which is a lock for locking your phone. You can lock your phone through the app and each and every app without any issue. You don’t need to pay for it as well. Just downloading the app is enough for using it. You can also make your gallery folder invisible through this app. For this, you need to make a folder where you can keep those videos and photos which you don’t want to share with anyone else. You can then make it go invisible so that nobody can know about the video and photos without you. Now let us see the features of the app. Let’s have a look here. Continue reading “Download App Lock v2.9.7”