Download AppLock v4.2.0

AppLockIn today’s time the thing that matters the most is the security and privacy of human being. From all around the globe we are getting the news regarding the security and privacy issues; every country, every organisation, every association, every individual literally everyone knows that how much important the privacy are these days. Even our gadgets are not safe from the threats to privacy and security. So, to fight against those problems and make our devices more secure we have some application which works as protectors from the online threats like viruses, malware, malicious file etc. But there is also one threat from the human being and to protect our smart phones from this type of issue we have some third-party applications. Now in the market there are so many applications present for this purpose but the problem with these apps is that mostly they are not reliable in nature and not very secure to use but there is one application name as AppLock which is the best application in this field. AppLock is present in the market from the early phase of the android system so its quite famous and most trusted application for its users.

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Download App Lock v4.1.7

AppLockApp lock is a service provider that ensures that’s the phone or device is secured from the environment. AppLock provides a service of app protection that needs a specific pin or password. AppLock basically has the system that ensures privacy that makes it easy for the users to use the device. For an e.g. if there is an app lock on Instagram then the app won’t open before the pin or password is entered. This app lock can be provided for various different things like for your photo gallery to ensure maximum security, app lock for your apps and phone system and even for your media apps. AppLock keeps your documents and other files save from outer usages. AppLock is seen in many devices these days for the protection of the device. Let’s check out some of the general features of the app lock to get a better hold on the function and know it better.

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Download AppLock v4.1.6

AppLockAppLock is one of the most popular apps out in the market. It has given constant satisfaction to its customer which makes it a solid choice over the other security apps that claim to protect your privacy. AppLock helps you to let people have an access to your Smartphone even without not letting them access the parts of the phone that you don’t want them to see. With so many applications out there that claim to provide protection and privacy to your phone. It runs above all your applications on the phone and prevents an access to the other parties on the phone. It has an easy installation process and it is also easily available for download on the Play Store. Its clean user- interface makes it easier for it to understand and function. Its lock system is made that of PINS and Patterns; you can choose whatever lock you choose to have. AppLock is a safe app to use and is made the utmost simplicity and has very specific uses. The hidden content cannot be viewed unless and until you drop in the correct password and it will only then let you view the contents.

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Download AppLock v4.1.0

AppLockDo you want to keep your phone safe from your friends and parents? Because you have kept a lot of personal stuff in it and you do not want to share it with your friends? Of course, it is common and very natural to do so. But to keep it safe, a single home screen lock is not enough. So what you can do is to download the app called AppLock and keep your phone safe from others. Yes, the lock is really easy and free of cost app to download. You just need to download the app and once you download it, you can lock all your phone without any issue. It can be done easily. You can also lock each and every app of yours separately and hence you will not get difficulty. It is an easy app which you all can use for free of cost as it will secure your phone and everything you keep in your phone will be private. Indeed, it is an easy way to do things because safety is always better than anything. So keep your phone safe with this app. Let us now read more about it-

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Download AppLock v3.1.9

AppLockPrivacy protection is always our first priority. We always want to be extra careful with things that are related to us. With having a need for extra privacy for our devices, AppLock is the most applicable app in the market for you right now. Being a security centred app with privacy as its main concern, it runs above all the active applications on your phone and prevents an access to your hidden content. However, the hidden content can only be viewed and accessed if the correct password or pin is entered. It appears as a lock screen. It helps you in keeping the nosy people away from your content. AppLock is a safe and a very easy to use app. It is made with the utmost simplicity and is very specific to use. Also, it is easily available at Play Store.

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Download AppLock v3.1.7

AppLockIn today’s time, the thing that matters the most is security and privacy. From every big firms to newly started small start-ups, their first most investment is in security field. No one want to compromise even a little bit when it comes about the security. Even a common user of different gadgets also wants some kind of security from third party-interference. From laptops to the smart phones all comes up with the built-in security features like passcode, password protection, finger-tip protection, face detection system and many other. These features are providing by the operating system of gadgets by its own. But the problem is that, the operating system is only providing those security features for the whole gadget as one, and not for the individual application of the system. So, if someone unlocks the phone then all of the applications are on risk because there is no protection for individual application. To tackle this problem, there is one application which can solve the above problem and that is: AppLock

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Download AppLock v3.1.6

AppLockAre you looking for a lock for your device to lock your phone and give it better security? If yes, then you have landed on the right place because here we are sharing the app which will let you lock the apps on your device for free of cost. Yes, we are talking about the famous app which is used for locking your phone called AppLock. It is one of the famous and mostly used app all over in the world for android devices. You can also use the app for free of cost but for that, you need to first of all download this app and use it in your device. The app can lock all your apps, your phone book, your gallery and everything else. It is easy and can be used in any device if it is android. So now, let us read the features of the app and see how can we download this app.

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