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AppLockPrivacy protection has always been our concern and when it comes to anything that is related to us, we want to be extra cautious about everything. With having something like this in mind, AppLock is the most relevant app out there. Being a security feature, it is placed above all the running applications on your phone and prevents access to your hidden content without the correct password. It can also be used to prevent access to some of your hidden applications. It appears like a lock screen. It is indeed really helpful in keeping snoppy eyes out of your business. AppLock is a safe and simple app. The usage of AppLock has been broken to simplicity notch by notch. It is very straightforward in use and easily available at Play Store.

Features of AppLock v4.2.6

What are the key features of AppLock?

  • Simple and very feasible to use.
  • Secure your content using either a PIN number or pattern lock.
  • The Photo Vault feature lets you hide the photos, so that the hidden photos are
    only accessible and visible to you.
  • Similarly, The Video Vault feature lest you hide your videos, so that the hidden
    videos are only accessible and visible to you.
  • Has Multi -Lock feature.
  • Easily available for download for free on Play Store.
  • Helpful for people who share a single device.
  •  Relevant for keeping people out of business.
  •  Makes your device highly safe with the password system.
  • Appears like a lock screen.
  • Impossible to bypass the lock screen yet very simple is terms of usability.

How to download AppLock v4.2.6?

Click here

Download AppLock

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