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AppLockIf you have been looking for that perfect security app for your device; then AppLock might be the right application for you to download from the Play Store. It is the easiest way to keep the nosy, irritating people out of your business. It hides your content well and claims to provide the best security to your content and to your device. With so many security and privacy protection apps available for you out there, choosing the right one can be a task. AppLock is widely trusted and has the best reviews from its users worldwide. With features available other than just providing security and privacy; Applock has so much more to offer. AppLock comes in with an easy installation process and does not let you waste a lot of your energy into the process. The set- up too is very easy and pops the option of setting up the password, lock through your email. It provides a list of all the apps that you wish to lock. All you have to do is, simply tap on the app you wish to lock and the same will be processed accordingly.

Features of AppLock v4.2.1

Features of AppLock

  • It has an easy installation process.
  • It is easily available for download on the Play Store.
  • It locks each of the apps individually.
  • It also locks the images and the videos differently.
  • It also has a location lock. \sily customizable.
  • Supports the creation of shortcuts.

How to download AppLock v4.2.1?

To download, click below-

Download AppLock

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