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AppLockIn today’s time the thing that matters the most is the security and privacy of human being. From all around the globe we are getting the news regarding the security and privacy issues; every country, every organisation, every association, every individual literally everyone knows that how much important the privacy are these days. Even our gadgets are not safe from the threats to privacy and security. So, to fight against those problems and make our devices more secure we have some application which works as protectors from the online threats like viruses, malware, malicious file etc. But there is also one threat from the human being and to protect our smart phones from this type of issue we have some third-party applications. Now in the market there are so many applications present for this purpose but the problem with these apps is that mostly they are not reliable in nature and not very secure to use but there is one application name as AppLock which is the best application in this field. AppLock is present in the market from the early phase of the android system so its quite famous and most trusted application for its users.

Features of AppLock v4.2.0

  • The interface of AppLock application very smooth, since its size is very less so it runs on the device without any issues.
  • This application provides security to all other apps with the option of PIN, Passcode,
    Pattern, Finger-tip protection, Face detections, and many other options.
  • This application also provides security to the data of its users and devices from the third party.

How to download AppLock v4.2.0?

We can download it directly from the given link-

Download AppLock

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