Download AppLock v4.1.8

AppLockAppLock is a helper Application that provides security, safety, reliability and Soundness for our pc and our mobile phone. It provides security in the form of Fingerprint, passcode, pattern, face-lock, retinal scan etc. It also lets us lock almost any type of file present on our device.

Features of AppLock v4.1.8

  • AppLock is capable of disguising our apps so that outsiders cannot access all the private data.
  • It provides a multi-lock feature, which means you can add different locks to different apps.
  • It has the potential of auto-locking after a certain time.
  • It prevents our device from getting attacked by Trojans, viruses or any kind of malware.
  • You can select a theme of your choice from the available choices and make the app more familiar to you.
  • It also has the option of managing incoming or outgoing calls.
  • Its auto restart option prevents the app from being killed by task killers.
  • Its user-friendly environment makes the app easier to use.
  • It includes an option to prevent app lock uninstallation in case anyone tries to uninstall it and take away your data.
  • It is the best way to keep your data secure as it also has a re-lock policy.

How to download AppLock v4.1.8?

1. Click on the download link and you will be redirected to a download page.
2. Click on the Download button.
3. Wait till the download finishes and installation completes.
4. Now you have to complete the first-time setup by meeting the password requirements which are asked. Now you can keep your private data private!

Download AppLock

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