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AppLockAppLock is one of the most popular apps out in the market. It has given constant satisfaction to its customer which makes it a solid choice over the other security apps that claim to protect your privacy. AppLock helps you to let people have an access to your Smartphone even without not letting them access the parts of the phone that you don’t want them to see. With so many applications out there that claim to provide protection and privacy to your phone. It runs above all your applications on the phone and prevents an access to the other parties on the phone. It has an easy installation process and it is also easily available for download on the Play Store. Its clean user- interface makes it easier for it to understand and function. Its lock system is made that of PINS and Patterns; you can choose whatever lock you choose to have. AppLock is a safe app to use and is made the utmost simplicity and has very specific uses. The hidden content cannot be viewed unless and until you drop in the correct password and it will only then let you view the contents.

Features of AppLock v4.1.6

  • The requirement for people who share a common device.
  • Has a different vault for photos; to hide your photographic content.
  • Similarly has a vault for videos; to hide your video content.
  • Multi- lock feature available.
  • AppLock is easily available for download on the Play Store.

How to download AppLock v41.6?

To download click below-

Download AppLock

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