Download App Lock v4.1.2

AppLockApp lock is an android application which protects your privacy on your android mobile. This app protects application, also hides the gallery and blocks connectivity if any strange person breaks into your phone and tries to unlock your phone.

Features of App Lock v4.1.2

  • The app icon can be hidden so that nobody can assume there is a lock on your android app.
  • Only the phone owner can handle this application
  • App Lock provides a fake cover and you the mislead anyone who is trying to unlock your phone.
  • Timings to lock the screen is available.
  • Each app can have a different app lock.
  • This app allows cleans out junk memory on the phone.
  • All the personal information and files can be saved in phone vault.
  • This app is customizable according to user’s needs.
  • Chats, messages, pictures, video or any other data can be hidden with help of app lock.
  • This app does not use too much of phone storage.
  • It blocks internet connectivity, any phone notifications and calls, etc.

How to download App Lock v4.1.2?

  • Click on the download link to download the app.
  • Agree with the terms and conditions and install the application.
  • Establish a security question with answer to it.
  • Now lock whatever apps you like.
  • On top right button, adjust the advanced settings.
  • On the app itself, app lock can be uninstalled.
  • Now, you can maintain your privacy with app lock.

Download App Lock

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