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AppLockPrivacy protection is always our first priority. We always want to be extra careful with things that are related to us. With having a need for extra privacy for our devices, AppLock is the most applicable app in the market for you right now. Being a security centred app with privacy as its main concern, it runs above all the active applications on your phone and prevents an access to your hidden content. However, the hidden content can only be viewed and accessed if the correct password or pin is entered. It appears as a lock screen. It helps you in keeping the nosy people away from your content. AppLock is a safe and a very easy to use app. It is made with the utmost simplicity and is very specific to use. Also, it is easily available at Play Store.

Features of AppLock v3.1.7

Features of AppLock are-

  • Simple and very easy in terms of usability.
  • Content security possible through entering PIN numbers or pattern locks.
  • The Photo Vault feature available that lets you hide your media content.
  • Similarly, The Video Vault feature is available to hide your video- content.
  • Multi -Lock feature available.
  • Available for download for free on Play Store.
  • Much needed for people who share a common device.
  • Your device is made highly safe with the password system.
  • You do not need to worry at all, as it is literally impossible to get through the lock screen without the right password.

How to download AppLock v3.1.9?

To download click below-

Download AppLock

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