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AppLockIn today’s time, the thing that matters the most is security and privacy. From every big firms to newly started small start-ups, their first most investment is in security field. No one want to compromise even a little bit when it comes about the security. Even a common user of different gadgets also wants some kind of security from third party-interference. From laptops to the smart phones all comes up with the built-in security features like passcode, password protection, finger-tip protection, face detection system and many other. These features are providing by the operating system of gadgets by its own. But the problem is that, the operating system is only providing those security features for the whole gadget as one, and not for the individual application of the system. So, if someone unlocks the phone then all of the applications are on risk because there is no protection for individual application. To tackle this problem, there is one application which can solve the above problem and that is: AppLock

Features of AppLock v3.1.7

  • AppLock is the application which can lock each and every application of the smart phone.
  • This application comes up with variety of different locking process like passcode, pattern, pin, password, etc.
  • The interface of this application is so smooth and easy to use.
  • It comes up with so many features like: Picture vault, quick lock, fake cover.
  • This app provides the very high security to the system from the internet too.

How to download AppLock v3.1.7?

AppLock is the application which is in the market from the very long time and making its presence count by providing high and very satisfactory services to its users. To download click on the given below link-

Download AppLock

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