Download AppLock v3.1.2

AppLockAppLock locks your android app by providing a virtual lock on your apps and hence by restriction of any unanimous entry to your mobile device. This app lets you breathe in safe and sound as nobody can access your phone with the help of app lock.

Features of App Lock v3.1.2

  • The app icon can be hidden so that nobody can assume there is a lock on your android app.
  • If anybody tries to uninstall the app, it cannot be done. The only user who has set this app can do that.
  • It provides a fake cover and you the mislead anyone who is trying to unlock your phone.
  • Lock screen on time intervals is available.
  • You can set different profile for different apps.
  • The AppLock ensures additional safety to the device without worrying about any other access to your phone.
  • This app has a feature of picture vault that is specially designed for keeping pictures and multimedia at utmost safety.
  • Chats, messages, pictures, video or any other data can be hidden with help of AppLock.
  • This app does not use too much of phone storage.
  • AppLock recommends which data to hide.

How to download AppLock v3.1.2?

  • Click on the download link to download the app.
  • Download the app and set a security pattern on your mobile screen
  • Next, add a security question with answer to it.
  • Now you can lock whatever apps you like.
  • On top right button, adjust the advanced settings.
  • On the app itself, app lock can be uninstalled.
  • Now, you can maintain your privacy with app lock.

Download AppLock

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