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AppLockPrivacy, in a world where people know everything about anybody. Where everything is up on the internet. Privacy is something which is really hard to get. And for the sake of our privacy app developers have come up with AppLock. light file security android app allows the users to lock any file, app or folder in their phones with a passcode and keeps it away from unwanted people.

Features of v3.0.89

AppLock’s basic feature is to work as a security guard for your phone’s files. Without typing the passcode no one is allowed to access anything that is
secured in it. Well apart from this here are some of the other features this app offers.

  • AppLock doesn’t only lock apps but also allows the user to hide any file or app from the app screen if they want to.
  • It systematically sorts the hidden files and arranges them in folders of videos, photos, and apps.
  • The app offers a pro mode which has to be purchased. This pro mode has an Auto-lock, Multi-Lock and Disguise file feature.
  • Users are given an option to keep a Pattern or Pin as the security code.
  • If you are worried about data loss, AppLock also has a backup feature which allows users to keep a backup of their locked files so that it never gets lost.

How to Download AppLock v3.0.89?

AppLock is found in pretty much everyone’s smartphones and why won’t it. A
perfect safe lock for any person’s privacy, AppLock’s encryption system keeps
the file hidden from the general android files so that no one other the passcode user can access any hidden file. The app can be downloaded from the given below link-

Download AppLock

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