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AppLockAre you afraid to give your mobile to someone else? Or you do not want others to look at your gallery or any other app then you must download this app “Applock”. Applock is an Android app which provides the users to lock any files and apps in the device, which prevents others to open your files. It secure your apps and needs password to access to your files. So do not think twice before giving your cell to anyone, because they will not be able to open any of the file which is secured with this app.

Features of AppLock v3.0.88

The following are the features listed below of AppLock
 The app is capable of hiding pictures, videos, apps. The app has a feature
of auto restart.
 You are free to lock any app which you do not want others to look into
without your permission.
 The app has a feature where the app locks the files automatically after 3
minutes if you leave the device untouched, the app also asks for password
every time you leave the application.
 Screening off the device also enables the apps to lock automatically all the
files and if you do not touch the file for long.
 You can use pattern, pin, finger print as an unlock mechanism, which ever
you feel is more safe and strong.
 You will be able to change your app lock’s settings according to your

How to download AppLock v3.0.88?

So do not wait to download the app and to download the app click on the link given below!

Download AppLock

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