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AppLockApplock is an android app which enables the users to lock almost any type of file or an application located in their device. Which will help to prevent unauthorized people to go through your files. Moreover to unlock the app you will be needed password for accessing any file which is secured by app lock and it is the best alternative to secure your important files straightforwardly. So if you do not want others to look into your apps or files then you must go for this application which will keep safe all your apps.

Features of AppLock v3.0.83

The following are the features listed below of AppLock

 Its totally up to you whether to lock all the apps or just those apps which you do not want others to look without your permission.
 You can use pattern, pin, finger print as an unlock mechanism, which ever you feel is more safe and strong.
 You will be able to change your app lock’s settings according to your preference.
 You can enable the feature which us automatic; that is the app will be locked
automatically after you leave the device untouched or unused for a while.
 You can also enable the app feature of locking the device after 3 minutes; that is the app will lock the files automatically after 3 minutes after you leave untouched.
 You can also enable the feature of locking the app through screen off; that is the app will lock the files when the device screen is turned off.

How to download AppLock v3.0.83?

To download the app click on the link given below!

Download AppLock

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