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AppLockAre you not a public person? You want privacy? Do not want anyone to look at you picture album or any document? Then do not delay to look forward to Applock. Applock is a lightweight android app which will enable the users to apply lock on almost any type of file or an app in their device, which prevents access to your locked apps and private data, you will need a password for accessing any file which is secured with this app. Applock is the best alternative to secure your important files and it works straightforwardly.

Features of AppLock v3.0.70

The following are the features of AppLock

  • You can use pattern, pin, fingerprint as an unlock mechanism, whichever you like.
  • You can either lock all apps or only those apps which you feel is important or you do not want any other to look into it.
  • You can even change your apps lock settings according to your preferences, these below are the options you will be able to use.
    1) You can enable the app lock which is automatic, as in the app will lock automatically when you will leave it untouched or unused for a while.
    2) You can also unlock the app via 3 minutes after unlock, that means the app will lock automatically after 3 minutes when you leave it unlocked.
    3) Or you will be able to lock the app through the screen off, which means the app lock will lock the other apps when the device screen will turned off.

How to download AppLock v3.0.70?

To download the app click on the link given below!

Download AppLock

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