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App LockDo you like keeping a smartphone safe and personal because you do not like people using your phone and see what are the stuff you are keeping in it? We all like using smartphones but we do not prefer people seeing our phone.  Smartphones generally come with a lock but is that really enough for us? Do we need nothing else to keep the phone safe? No, we need more things. So today, let us learn about an app which can make your phone safe and lock properly. How? By using the app App Lock. It is an app where you can lock all your apps and gallery without paying for it. It is free and easy too. In fact, you can also lock your whole gallery through the app and whenever you download the app, you can easily get an option where you will be asked if you wish to lock the phone or not. All over, it is a good app for keeping your phone safe. Now let us read how to download the app here- 

Features of App Lock v3.0.61

Now let us read the details of App Lock-

  • App Lock is free of cost.
  • You can lock all your apps without any issue.
  • You can also invisible your whole gallery and lock it so nobody can use it.
  • You can use pattern lock, number lock and also a name lock according to your use.
  • You can trick your friends with a fake fingerprint sensor.

How to download App Lock v3.0.61?

Click here and download the app.

Download App Lock

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