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App LockDue to the rising concerns of privacy in the society, there has been a demand for a software that can increase the security in a user’s device. Released and
developed recently by Microsoft, AppLock is one such software. It is a third-party application, that is supported by all android devices. The basis of this application is the whitelisting software. It identifies
programs that have been granted access by the user and does not permit any other application to function. Further, it protects the device from malware and
viruses. The application can be used for purposes and on platforms other than the ones for original use.

Features of App Lock v3.0.53

1. Allows the user to set a password of their choice on every application on the device.
2. The user can create a numerical password of his or her choice.
3. Despite knowing the password, any other user cannot delete the application from the device without the owner’s consent.
4. The App Lock application icon can be hidden from the main screen of the device.
5. The application provides third party security to other apps on the device.
6. The application provides a widget for locking and unlocking the device.
7. The user can create their own virtual space, that contains sensitive media content, hidden from all others.
8. The application can be locked and unlocked at specific timings, through an in built timer, as per the convenience of the user.
9. The application is freeware, it is free of cost.
10. The app allows the user to set different passcodes for different applications, so that any other person cannot easily guess and access content.

How to Download App Lock v3.0.53?

To download, click below-

Download App Lock

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