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App LockThis application was introduced by Microsoft, very recently. It is designed to enhance a user’s privacy. The application operates under whitelisting technology, that entails the practice of identifying programs that have been provided a particular access. These exist in a list and all other programs outside of the list are blocked. It is also a way of protecting one’s device against viruses and malware. Windows app locker enables a user to control which particular file should be executed by the device. it was released along with the Microsoft Windows 7. This software is in a nutshell, a third party application, that provides the device necessary security. It is also compatible with Android devices to keep them safe.

Features of App Lock v3.037

1. Password protect every application on the device.
2. Provide a widget for locking and unlocking.
3. Provides third-party security to any desired application
4. Allow the user to create a numerical password of their choice.
5. The password window does not allow another person to remove the application from the device.
6. The icon of the App Lock application can be hidden from the screen.
7. The application allows the user to create a hidden virtual space for sensitive media content.
8. The application can be set on a timer, it can lock and unlock apps at specific timings.
9. The user can set different passcodes for different applications, to avoid easy guessing by a third party.
10. The application is a hundred percent free.

How to download App Lock v3.0.37?

To download the app in your device you would have to click on the given below link.

Download App Lock

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