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App LockWhat is the most important thing our best friends or parents will look for in cell phones? Well, for parents it is the whatsapp messages while for best friends it is the Google history. We cannot really avoid people from having a quick glance at our cell phones because there is something known as work etiquettes. There has to be a solution or else our privacy along with our personal
thing will be violated. We lock our houses before we leave? Why? For safety purpose and also so that nobody enters and steals our valuables, similarly, app lock is an attempt to protect our valuable and precious apps before it goes to the hands of eagles and vultures(humans, basically).

Features of App Lock v3.0.36

Here are some points
for making this app a compulsory one which has to be downloaded:

  • The app occupies less space in memory system.
  • Apps cannot be opened until and unless the correct password of the App Lock isn’t entered.
  • There are various protection options available. For example, fingerprint option, password option, pin type and pattern type. We can choose any in accordance with our convenience.
  • We can also hide the app lock itself! To know more, just install this app.
  • We can also hide certain pictures or videos instead of locking the gallery itself and making it look suspicious.
  • We can also add various theme or wallpaper to the lock system.

How to download App Lock v3.0.36?

Hence proved that our phones from here after cannot be snuggled in by humans. To protect it from human shaped eagles and vultures, download this app. The link is given in this article. Follow the instruction process correctly.

Download App Lock

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