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App LockWe all like to keep certain things private. Not certain things, we like to keep all our things private. We like to cling upon things and don’t let the world know because the world is known to tamper things which should be dealt with utmost love and care. We need to keep some privacy in our cell phones as we can’t control our mouth or our face for its expression. Phones are the first one to be attacked upon. People just love reading other person’s conversation or
galleries for that matter. Well, the gossip mongers have to rest their mouth as we got an app which can keep our secrets safe and unrevealed.

Features of App Lock v3.0.35

Features of App Lock are:

  • It occupies really less space which means we can download this app and can keep it really safe. Also, we can hide the app itself which is really cool as nobody except you.
  • The app is fully protective as it won’t open until the right password or keyword is typed or the correct finger pattern is kept.
  • We can lock all our apps too. They won’t open until the correct password is entered.
  • Pictures and videos can be hidden too. You just have to put them in App Lock.
  • You can also put different themes to your lock system.

How to download App Lock v3.0.35?

Downloading this app is really simple. All you need to do is tap the link and follow the procedures that come on your screen. Enjoy yours as well as your apps’ privacy!

Download App Lock

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