Download App Lock v3.0.33

App LockApp Lock is a lightweight application that allows you to lock all kind of applications and other stuff on your mobile device. App lock can be used to prevent anyone from using their applications or checking any kind of confidential or private information. It is a free application that provides safety and allows secure operations.

Features of App Lock v3.0.33

●The application can lock Facebook, Gmail, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Gallery, SMS, Contacts, Gallery and all the other application on the mobile phone.
●Applications can be locked using pattern, pin or fingerprint. The most convenient lock can be chosen by the user.
●It provides an invisible pattern or pin so that no one can track your password and make unauthorized access.
●The App Lock can be used to hide photos and videos. The hidden photos and videos vanish from the gallery and can be accessed only through photo vault in the application.
●The application comes with the time lock feature. It allows automatic lock and unlocks as soon as the time ends.
●It also allows location lock unlock which allows lock unlock according to the location.
●The application has power saving mode which minimizes the battery usage. Memory usage also saves memory.
●The intruder selfie feature allows taking pictures of the invader. By this feature, the person can know who tries to make unauthorized access to the phone.
●The SNS feature can be used to log in to multiple accounts.
●The application can also lock incoming calls lock other settings too. The other settings can be locked to prevent a mess by the kids.

How to download App Lock v3.0.33?

The app can be downloaded using the following link-

Download App Lock

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