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App LockIf you have trust issues just like me and any social millennial, you might have a hard time keeping your phone lying around at the mercy of your large social group who take turns using your latest smartphone’s camera running the risk of your personal messages or photos or at best information being at their mercy. AppLock helps you with this by bringing its utmost security feature that lets you lock all your sensitive apps and messages, even individually.

Features of App Lock v3.0.26

  • Pretty lightweight app. You won’t have a hard time uninstalling or clearing dead space on your phone to make way for this one.
  • Let’s you lock all the apps you need. Based on time or location as well.
  • Random keyboard to prevent peeping people from knowing your password.
  • Set different profiles to lock different apps.
  • App Lock has a fake cover option. This feature lets you put a misleading fingerprint cover or lock to mislead intruders.
  • Quick lock feature on the homepage.
  • You just have to create a numeric password that it asks you every time you need to open the app you have unlocked. That way it protects you from snooping people who will be turned down by not knowing the password. Also, if they try and uninstall the app, it won’t let them do so.
  • You can lock photos in the app per se. But also we have the option of Picture Vault which lets you hide all the sensitive photos.
  • Best part is you can even hide the app on your phone not letting anyone know that you have this app installed on your phone.

How to download App Lock v3.0.26?

To download App Lock click on our download option given below.

Download App Lock

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