Download App Lock v3.0.24

App LockAppLock is an application that can be download via Google Playstore. This application allows users to lock any application and file on their mobile phones.AppLock is an effective tool to secure files containing confidential information. It can not only be used for safeguarding files but also contacts , photos and messages.

Features of App Lock v3.0.24

The App Lock comes with the following features.

  • Password, Pattern or Fingerprint Lock- AppLock can be used by the users to lock their applications or other things by a password, pattern or a fingerprint lock. All the ways are easy use. Fingerprint lock can be used to save time that gets consumed in case of a pattern or password.
  • Intruder Selfie- This feature has created a way for success of the app. By enabling this feature, the owner’s phone will automatically capture a picture of the invader who attempts to unlock the phone or app.
  • Time Lock-  Files can be locked for a particular time period also. Time Lock allows automatic lock unlock after the expiry of stipulated period.
  • Power Saving Mode- This application uses low battery. However, users can enable the power saving mode to bring battery usage to minimum.
  • Lock incoming calls- It is the first application that comes with the featire of locking incoming calls. Users can continue with other important work without getting disturbed by incoming calls.
  • Lock System Settings-  It helps in preventing any kind of mess created by children while using phone. This is also an exceptional feature of AppLock.

How to download App Lock v3.0.24?

AppLock can be downloaded through the given link.

Download App Lock


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