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App LockAre you looking to lock your phone so that no one apart from you can see what is into your phone? If you want this to come true, then you need to do something for it. No, the home screen lock is not enough for it. You need to do something else too. But what else can be done is what we are going to talk about, so don’t stress. Instead, keep on reading this post and know what is the app which can save you from leaking data. So yes, we are talking about App Lock, which is a lock for locking your phone. You can lock your phone through the app and each and every app without any issue. You don’t need to pay for it as well. Just downloading the app is enough for using it. You can also make your gallery folder invisible through this app. For this, you need to make a folder where you can keep those videos and photos which you don’t want to share with anyone else. You can then make it go invisible so that nobody can know about the video and photos without you. Now let us see the features of the app. Let’s have a look here.

Features of App Lock v2.9.7

  • App Lock is free of cost and you can use it without paying for it.
  • If you want to play a prank on your siblings, then you can easily do it by using the fake fingerprint sensor.

How to download App Lock v2.9.7?

Click here.

Download App Lock

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