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App LockDo you want to protect your phone and don’t want anyone else to look into your phone because you want to keep it till you and you have got some information in the phone which should not be leaked to someone else? If your answer is yes, then you need to simply download the app called App Lock which we are providing here. Yes, the app is really simple and you can just download the app and lock all your apps and data with a simple process. To do that, you need to first download the app which we are going to tell you here. Once you do that, you need to open the app and simply start using the app. If you start using it and lock one app too, you will be receiving an option to lock the app whenever you download something new. It is free and safe. So today, let’s discuss the app and the features of the same.

Features of App Lock v2.9.5

  • App Lock is free of cost app to lock your phone.
  • You can simply lock all your apps through this app and it will not let anyone use the apps.
  • You can also lock your phone screen so that whenever someone’s call comes, you need to add the lock and then only you can see who’s call is it.

How to download App Lock v2.9.5?

Click on the given link and make sure to agree on the terms and conditions. Give the required permission and install the app.

Download App Lock

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