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App LockApp Lock is a low data requiring app, that with its most basic and common features allows a user to lock their apps and restrict access to select particular apps. It works in a different manner from the phone, lock as the phone lock protects the entire phone, whereas app lock specifically locks down selected apps so that a user can make certain apps available for use. This not only allows modularity, for the device locking system but also another layer of security for users who wish to protect confidential information from being taken from their devices.

Features of App Lock v2.7.4

The following are some of the features of the application:
● The application has a simple to use interface that allows you to go about locking the parts of your mobile device that you wish to protect from being extracted of information.
● The application is basically a lock for apps, but can also be used to protect other information inside your phone, using the same set password. The app can lock photographs, videos, contacts, and even personal messages, for others to not see without the password.
● The App Lock is truly covert as it allows for you to hide the icon of the app itself, not giving the information that the user has any hidden content with them.
● The app offers a picture vault system, where the user can safely keep pictures that are only accessible only to the user themselves.
● The app allows for the user to even apply fake covers, that cover the locked apps as force closed or fingerprint scanners, allowing the app to be truly covert and hidden.

How to download App Lock?

To download app lock, tap on the given link.

Download App Lock

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