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App LockApp lock is an Android application that allows users to apply a password protection to the application in their mobile phone devices. The application effectively can be configured in a minute and then protects the users applications from being used by unauthorized persons. The application allows a user to set a password for set applications, that are then protected with the
application. The application is versatile and can even operate in a covert manner, allowing a trespasser to not even figure out that there are locked applications, in the said device. The following are some of the features of the application:

Features of App Lock v2.7.2

● Even the most basic and base version of the app provides a protection for the applications that users select, through the password arrangement made by the user, disallowing any individual to access or uninstalled selected applications.
● The application additionally allows users to guard other files in the mobile device, such as photos, videos, documents and so on. This allows for an additional layer of security for the mobile phone and content of the user.
● The app can be hidden in plain sight, as the app comes with a plugin that allows the user to hide even the logo of the app, for nobody to identify if an app lock is placed in the mobile device or not.
● A fake cover can be loaded to disarm a potential trespasser, like a fingerprint scanner, or an error message or so on.

How to download App Lock v2.7.2

The application serves devices on the android platform.

Download App Lock


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