Download App Lock v2.7.0

App LockApp locker application which was introduced with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system is widely used to restrict programs that are executed based on their path, publisher, and hash. It allows the admin to control which files are to be executed and which are to be denied. App locker rules are applicable to individuals as well as groups.

Features of App Lock v2.7.0

 It actually restricts access to the apps that are installed on your device. You can do this by setting a password or pattern.
 Applications like WhatsApp, Gallery and even Google Play Store can be locked using this. One has to give or provide the correct password or
pattern to get the access.
 It can lock anything and everything which prevents unauthorized access
to the apps and provides detailed access logs.
 This application is very easy to use. Unauthorized users cannot even
delete or uninstall the apps which were locked previously including app
lock itself.
App lock can even capture the intruder’s picture. It also provides
scheduled locking which means that an app can be locked at any time
that is specified by the user.
 User can also repeat this locking system every day. There is no need of
proving the lock explicitly every time.
 Remote phone lock is a security mechanism which is also provided, used
to lock a mobile or tablet from a remote location.
 There is a support for recovering your pattern, which is provided by
pattern recovery option in this application and can manage failed logins.

How to download App Lock v2.7.0

Secure the applications on your device using this app locker by installing it with a click on the link given in the article.

Download App Lock

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