Download App Lock v2.6.8

App LockIt is a great application that lets you lock any application you want. This is a reliable application that can lock any if your files, images, videos, documents and any other or thing you want to lock. It is a very simple application to use and is free of cost. This application allows you to keep your things private and away from people’s reach. It is very easy to use this application you just
need to put a password or pin on the app you want to lock, and whenever you want to open the app you need to put the correct pin or password. If anyone put the wrong password, the lock will not open. And one of the good things is that it doesn’t allow anyone to uninstall any locked application without your
permission. This application also gives you customization features. You can customize the lock screen of the application. This application keeps your
apps and files safe and secure so nobody can see it. This application has also a hide feature that allows you to hide the application so nobody can know that you have this application.

Features of App Lock v2.6.8

 Safe and secure
 Fake cover
 Lock and unlock easily
 Picture Vault
 Different profiles while locking the app

How to download App Lock v2.6.8

 To start tap on the download button.
 Wait for few seconds until the download is complete.
 Now click on the Apk and start the installation.
 Follow and agree to the terms and conditions on the screen.
 At the end tap finish and complete the process and download App Lock.

Download App Lock

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