Download App Lock v2.32.7

App LockApp Lock is the application which allows to lock your apps, protects privacy and provides secure access to any app. This was termed as the best app lock of 2018. All the types of files and apps can be accessed by this app which has less background data. The operation of this app is just creating a numeric password to unlock the app that was protected. This app provides no back doors to anyone to access your device. Almost all the messages, calls, photos, videos can be protected by this app. App lock was used by 350 million users across 50 countries.

Features of App Lock v2.32.7

  •  App lock is user-friendly application and it possesses access to 39 languages for user convenience.
  • Incognito browsing feature in the app helps to access the internet in an unknown mode for private browsing.
  • Quick lock, brief exit etc., features are available itself on the status bar of the application for easy access.
  • Fingerprint manipulator is included in the app for stopping the intruder to access your device. It is called Fake cover feature.
  • Other people can be prevented from peeping your password through a random keyboard.
  • You can access the app through different profiles for locking different apps in your mobile.
  • Picture vault in the app is another feature of this app where you can hide all
    your pictures and videos.
  • Apps can be automatically locked and unlocked based on the time and location through the settings.

How to download App Lock v2.32.7?

Secure all of your personal data through this application App Lock by clicking the link below this article and downloading it in your device.

Download App Lock

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