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App LockDo you like to keep your stuff personal? And we all know that nothing is more personal nowadays than our smartphones. It is the most personal thing which can really let someone know a lot about you. Your friends, your friends, your social media, your love life, bank balance, family, extended family and everything else can be known from your phone easily. But how to stop people from touching our phone? Well, we must admit that there are some people who are irritating and we can not say no to them on their face. However, we can always lock our phone for the better security. How? the normal screen lock is not enough for that. So here you can use the app App Lock which will help in locking all your apps and will keep your data safe and secure from others. There will be a specific lock for every app you use. It is free of cost and safe to use app.

Features of  App Lock v2.32.1

  • You can lock every app with a separate lock from this app.
  • App Lock is free of cost and easy to use.
  • You can use pattern, pin or code for locking the apps.
  • Apart from locking, it will make your gallery invisible also.

How to download  App Lock v2.32.1

Click on the link given below and make sure to enable the unknown sources. Give the required permission and download the app on your device in one click. App Lock is safe, reliable and trusted app users using since years.

Download App Lock

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