Download App Lock v2.32

App LockOne of the best security application developed for the Android devices, App lock has improved a lot with each update. It allows you to secure any kind of file available in your android device. You can even hide the application so that no one can actually know that there is a security application in your device. Apart from that, there are certain features which makes it easier for the user. Some of them are stated below.

Features of App Lock v2.32

● The fingerprint lock allows the users to protect their privacy from other people or intruders.
● The photo vault feature helps in hiding private pictures so that no one can know about it. The pictures secured in the photo vault won’t be shown in the gallery.
● You can set different profiles to lock different applications.
● The application can even hide or erase the browsing history of the device.
● It prevents from uninstalling of applications which are necessary.
● It uses low memory which means that you don’t have to spend a large amount of your device just for this application.
● The power saving mode of the application helps in improving the efficiency of the device.

How to download App Lock v2.32

App lock can be of a lot of use for the android users. You can download this application from the link provided below. App lock is a free application, which prevents you from spending money to buy any features from the application. Download this application if you want to protect
your device from intruders.

Download App Lock

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