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App LockIn today’s world of technology and transparency, it is very important to have privacy and security. The solution to your privacy needs is Applock. Applock is an app that helps the user hide almost every file on their Android device. The app can be used to hide photos, videos, documents and other data on your
Android device. The app comes with various customizable features which allow the user to customize the looks and feel of the app. The hidden files and images are safe from any kind of external breach. Moreover, the app lets the user set their own unique password in order to lock these files.

Features of App Lock  v2.32.6

  • Lock using password-Applock allows the user to lock their files and images using passwords or fingerprints. Only the person who knows the passcode can have access to the hidden files.
  • Intruder selfie-The app automatically takes a selfie of any person who tries to tamper with the passcode. This way, the user can know who was trying to open the lock.
  • Highly customisable-Applock is highly customizable to enhance the experience of the user. Every bit of the Applock is customizable as per the will of the customer.
  • Hide Applock icon-The user can hide the Applock icon in order to hide the app from strangers and anyone trying to locate the hidden files.
  • Incognito mode-Applock has an inbuilt browser which is purely an incognito browser. This mode can be activated whenever the user needs to.

How to download App Lock  v2.32.6

Click on this link in order to download App lock.

Download App Lock

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