Download App Lock v2.30.2

App LockIf you are in search of any app that can help you to keep your data safe and private, here you go! This app lock is an amazing app that lets you lock your app so that nobody can check it without your permission. It is the best way to keep your files away from people. It simply enables you to lock any app like gallery, music, contacts, Gmail and many other apps. In this application you need to enter password to open the application you want, the app will open only if you put the right password, it is the best way you can keep your stuff private. Without your password no nobody can uninstall any app from your smartphone, it gives your that much security. It also offers you random keyboard and invisible pattern option so you don’t hesitate unlocking your apps in front of anyone. If you are a person that is concerned with his privacy, just go with this app. It is one of the most reliable platform in terms of privacy and security.

Features of App lock v2.30.2


  • Full security
  • Password or pattern
  • Customisation
  • Vault
  • Incognito tab


How to download App lock v2.30.2?


  • To start the downloading process of App Lock click on the button.
  • Now click on the Apk when download is finish.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions that are popping on the screen.
  • Now, complete the whole process like this and tap finish when done.


Download App Lock

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