Download App Lock v2.22.2

App LockWhen you’re working with your phone, you deal with lots of things which are really important. At this moment, people are focused towards the security of advanced mobile apps and other important  data like videos, photos and documents. It is compatible to all devices i.e., Android devices, tablets, iOS devices and Windows phones. It is easy to control security system through these devices. It is specifically designed to protect the apps and other data from outside access. It is easy-to-use and it has a very simple interface. It can be accessed through App Lock application. It can be stored easily as a device media and is of great use. You can also avoid unwanted uninstallation. Pin or pattern can be set as a password to keep the data secure. In case you forget your password, you can recover the password through e-mail verification.

Features of App Lock v2.22.2

  1. Through the application of vault, pictures, videos and apps can be hidden from the default display.
  2. The app gets locked automatically just after the closing the app.
  3. Different passwords can be created for different applications.
  4. App Lock captures the picture of the person automatically, whoever enters wrong password.
  5. It can take the false look of applications like calculator or alarm.
  6. It updates its applications time to time for better use.

How to download App  Lock v2.22.2?

You can find the download link of the app below the article. It is safe to use and is free from all the malicious attacks and other things.

Download App Lock 

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