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App LockAppLock is an app available on Play store that allows the users to password protect the apps on their phone. The app is essential in protecting your personal apps on your Android device. It can help restrict access to the apps by allowing the owner to ‘lock’ and ‘unlock’ apps. Once the app is “locked”, any
person who wants to gain access to the app needs to know the password or pattern to unlock the app. AppLock is 100% free and is one of the best apps to restrict unauthorized access to your phone and personal apps.

Release notes of AppLock v2.20.1

Like any other previous updates, this update too has introduced some new features and more importantly fixed the existing bugs. The app runs smoother with better precision. The 2.20.1 update is more stable than all its predecessors and promises to run better.

Features of AppLock v2.20.1

  • New material design– The app has taken a makeover in terms of their material. The system is more user friendly and the design of the app is better.
  • Supports Android 7.0- AppLock now supports Android 7.0, the latest Android version in the market. There is no compromise on the features and working on the app which means the 7.0 users get the same features as the rest of the users.
  • Optimised function- The AppLock 2.20.1 is a more stable version and promises better functioning.

How to download AppLock v2.20.1

The link to download AppLock is given below. Click on the link to download AppLock.

AppLock is a must have app for every user who wants to restrict unauthorized access to their personal data.

Download App Lock

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