Download App Lock v2.15.3

App LockThere is a requirement to secure the apps in a personalized manner other than phone security system. This can be reached by applock mobile application. It is especially designed to lock the apps using pattern or pin. It is compatible to all smart devices which includes android smartphones ,tablets and IOS devices. It doesn’t take much of the space of the device and is safe and secure to use. It not only protect your apps individually but also keep it safe from unwanted installation or access by other people.

The working of app is very simple. You just need to create your in pattern or pin need and select the application which you want to secure. In case you forgot you password you can recover it through e-mail.

Features of App Lock v2.15.3

1.You can hide your personal pictures using the vault inbuilt in the app.
2.Lock the apps automatically,the time you exit the app.
3.Different profiles can be created for different application
4.The apps can be hidden by dummy look like that of calculator,music etc.
5. App Lock is safe and trustworthy in terms of protection.
6. Apps can also be hidden through this application can operate clone app, this app lock application.
8. It checks all the possibility of authenticity while recovering password.
It can be downloaded for android using app while for iOS devices through jailbreak.

How to download App Lock for your device?

You can download and access app lock on your smartphone easily through the link given easily and safely.

Download App Lock

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