Download App Lock v2.12

App LockApp Lock is an application to put lock on any part of your device! With this light weight app you can lock almost all types of files in your android. It is a license free application. This application in fact is a boon for many people in various ways and situation. This is a great app which adds additional safety to your device without needing you to worry about anything getting leaked. Privacy has become very important issue in the digitalized era as smartphones carry every single information.

Features of App Lock v2.12

The App Lock  application comes featuring following things-

  • It has a picture vault in which you can store your pictures in a virtual safe place which only you can open them. This keeps them safe from unauthorized access.
  • It allows quick lock switch on the status bar
  • It also locks or unlocks the app automatically according to location and time
  • You can set different profiles to lock different apps
  • One of the most interesting thing is that you hide its icon itself! So that nobody even knows that you installed the app unless they see you entering the password

How to download the App Lock?

App lock v2.12 is a license free application. Its operating system is Android. It requires android version 4.0 ,4.0.2, 4.0.3 and above. You can download it just one click. Click the link and get the app.

Download App Lock

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