Download App Lock v2.11

App LockDo you want to get rid of normal phone lock? Try App lock. It is one of the best App Lock app made for android smart phones. You can lock every app you use through this app and no one except you can open it. It is a stable and reliable app to use. It will not stuck in between. You can use the app offline. Read some more features of the app here.

 Features of App Lock 2.11

  • Saves your phone- Using App Lock will be the safest way to save your phone and the data you have in. You just have to download the app and apply the code to all the apps you use. Nobody should know the password apart from you and yes, you can use it safely.
  • Free of cost- Saving the data needs no money. Yes, if you download App Lock, it will just ask for your internet connection to download. And once you download it, you can easily use the app offline. You don’t need to turn on your mobile data everytime you unlock your phone.
  • Confuse- You can also confuse your friends and family by showing them the finger print sensor lock too. However, in reality, you will only have the code, name and the pattern option given.
  • Reliable- The app is very reliable. You can save your phone’s data from your friends and it will never leak it or use it without your permission.

How to download App Lock v2.11?

Click on the given link right below the article and install the app.

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