Download App Lock v2.06

App LockApp Lock is an app which makes your app and gallery safe from others. By using this app, you can lock every app on your cell including the call logs too. It will indeed be safe and secure way to save your cell from your friends and family.

 Features of App Lock 2.06

  • Free of cost- Using app lock will not be costly on your pocket. The app is totally free of cost. You can download the app and start using it right away on your smart phone without paying a single penny to them.
  • Keeps your app safe- Suppose you have to give your phone to someone for making a call. In that case, you will have to leave the lock unlock. But if you use this app, it will keep your app safe. How? It will add a lock for each and every app of yours. So you can lock all your apps to make it safe.
  • Invisible Gallery- If you have strict parents and they will not allow you to lock your gallery, you can still prevent the data from leaking. With the app, you can make an invisible gallery in which you can keep all your pictures and videos without letting anyone know. It will make an invisible folder which only you can see through the app.
  • Variety of options for lock- if you don’t like patterns, you can switch to the code. If you don’t like code, you can switch to the name lock and vice versa. Here you will be having three options to lock your phone. You can lock according to your convenience.

How to download App Lock v2.06?

Click on the given link and install the app. Once done, you can use the app.

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