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App LockHow do you feel when someone else touches your phone without your permission? Obviously not good. Your phone has lot of things that you might not want to show everyone. Your personal messages, pictures etc should be kept safe from others. But how to do so? Answer is Appkock. It is an app that keeps your apps and pictures locked and safe from others who try to sneak into your mobile. It creates a vault where you can keep your media safe.

Features of App lock 1.91

App lock comes with load of useful features. Here are the list of features of this app-

  • It allows you to lock apps and gallary of your phone with password.
  • Password can be set with a pattern, pin or fingerprint sensor.
  • You can hide applock icon so that no one would know that you are using it for privacy.
  • It will click selfie of the person who tries to open your locked apps with invalid password.
  • It has its inbuilt incognito mode.
  • You would be able to misguide your friends by placing a wallpaper on it.

How to download the Applock 1.91?

You can lock your apps and pictures too. All you need to do is download it in your phone. Follow the steps-

1- Click on the link you will get below to download.

2- Follow the installation instructions and enjoy your privacy once installed.

Download App Lock

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